Storage Hopper

Industrial hoppers are containers used to store bulk solid products. We can manufacture them in different sizes, shapes and materials; according to the client's needs.

Bulk Material Storage Hoppers

A storage hopper is a container or container used to store bulk products. They are characterized by their conical shape, which allows the product to flow freely towards the exit of the hopper. They can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, depending on your specific application.

Industrial hoppers for transporting solids are used in a variety of sectors such as construction, the mining sector and the chemical industry.

Different options

Easy maintenance

Many shapes and sizes

Wide variety of functions

Use of resistant and durable materials

For most industrial sectors.

Why choose IFAMAC

Our extensive experience over more than three decades helps us to have a broader vision in each of the different industrial sectors in which we work. Quality, experience, safety, 360º process with you, personalized design and manufacturing.

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