Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors of all kinds. Both smooth band and ribbed band for higher inclinations. Static conveyors, or traveling…

Redler type conveyors

Mechanical conveyors by pushing blades in a steel cradle. These equipments are characterized by a high degree of…

Screw conveyor.

Conveyors for the transport of solid products with a moderate granulometry. Usually used in the transport of…

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators for solid products with low granulometry. Variable capacity depending on the size and density of the…

Rotary screen (trommel)

Rotary screens, from 2 to 5 meters.

Vibrating screens

With several stages of screening. With replaceable meshes of different dimensions.

Stocking hoppers

Hoppers of all sizes and capacities, according to customer needs.

Belt feeders.

Band feeders to be coupled to the stockage hoppers. Of any size and capacity.

Chain/roller conveyors

Chain or roller conveyors for transporting product pallets. Any capacity, straight sections, changes 90º, turning…

Hydraulic feeders moving floor

Mechanisms of metal transport plates at ground level for the advancement of the biomass over large storage hoppers.…

Biomass piling rake

Double function rake. On the first part, it serves as a biomass accumulator in a linear hopper, to advance the biomass…

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