Modular conveyors

Modular belt conveyors of all types and dimensions. Made of stainless steel, with straight and curved sections, and…

Band conveyors or belts

Belt conveyors for food products. Static or with translation, to dose the product in different destinations.

Customized machinery for different applications

We build machinery expressly custom designed for any application. Ask us without engagement.

Pproduct stock hoppers

The hoppers can be built in all sizes and capacities, according to the customer's needs.

High speed diverter 1 to 2

Diverter from one line to two lines, at high speed. Using servomotors, we achieve electronic synchronisms with speeds…

High speed electronic rejecter

High-speed servomotorized electronic rejector that diverts defective products to a secluded area. In the withdrawn…

Volumetric bottling machine

Volumetric bottling machine. Built in stainless steel, it has various dosing cylinders depending on the desired…

Bags palletizer

Bags palletizer with spider gripper. The gripper can be mounted on a gantry like the one in the image, with a rotation…

Complete turnkey projects

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